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Oct. 14, 2008

Today is the birthday of one of my first big childhood crushes--Ben Lee. He was tall, older, dark, handsome. And ever since I was 9 years old, I've remembered his birthday. I wonder what he's up to today. I hope he's happy:)

And hopefully not visiting an ER. Like one of several interesting patients that came through triage today, where I was assigned. One was a 50 year old male with a dildo stuck up his rectum. Obviously, he was unable to retrieve this accessory on his own, and after 10 hours of trying and straining away (talk about an urge to go), he showed up, shamefacedly, at my ER. Embarrassing....but not an automatic surgical case like the guy from a while ago who came in with that long, flat-ended vacuum cleaner attachment stuck up his rectum into his intestines which were necrotic by the time he checked into the ER, with poop coming out of the vacuum end.

Another patient after being discharged immediately checked in again. Hoping for a better outcome, I guess. Or, mor…