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During my last shift, I checked in an ambulance that brought in an 87-year old man. Chief complaint: decreased LOC. His eyes were almost gunked shut, his skin and mucous membranes were dry, and he answered questions with barely understandable words. His body was weak and limp.

I did the usual nursing things....started an IV, drew blood, got blood cultures, took a rectal temp, got vital signs and an EKG, and ordered the typical gamut of stuff. I left the room to chart and check on my other patients.

A little bit later, after the patient returned from x-ray and CT, I looked over to the room and saw, below the curtain, two feet encased in navy blue socks, standing by the bed. Racing to the room, I threw the curtain aside to find my 87-year old man, IV yanked out, blood dripping down his arm, oxygen tubing off, all EKG leads off, gown off, standing completely naked except for the aforementioned socks, peeing on the floor.

He had removed all the wires and tubes that beset him, and climbed ove…