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Through the Looking Glass....or Bong

It's been over a year since I posted anything, and not for lack of material. Stories pile themselves in my head, and it's time to type some of them out.

"Laverne" was brought back to my open room, and right from the get-go, a strong crazy vibe was palpable. I always say that there are a few trademarks of the insane:
1. Untamed female facial hair
2. Wearing a puffy coat (especially old-school Seahawks or Raiders) on a hot day
3. Insisting on representing oneself in court
4. Painstakingly reading every word of every document before signing, especially the privacy statements or discharge papers.

Laverne met #1 and #2. Probably #3, too, but I was not privy to that information.

Her chief complaint was that her husband was trying to kill her. She thought he was putting Drano in her cereal in the mornings. "Why not just stop eating food he gives you?" one might ask. And one might ask to no avail. Please see aforementioned list.

I introduced myself as usual, and st…